Our latest school presentation

A very important part of Baywatch Projects is community outreach, on a weekly basis we are either giving presentations at schools, raising funds and awareness for rehabilitation centers, participating in marine week, or organizing pollution workshops for local businesses.

Although many of these children live near the ocean, many of them do not understand the influence the oceans health has on us.  The Baywatch Projects school presentations stress the importance for them to realize that they too have an impact on the health of our oceans, that their land based litter ends up in rivers, and eventually the oceans, and that they therefore have a responsibility to clean-up and recycle their plastics.

The Baywatch Projects team recently did a presentation to 45 students at Walmer High School. We were ecstatic to hear that several of students are looking at enrolling into the Ocean Science program at Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth. It was rewarding to see how many of the students are looking into studying further after high school and that so many were interested in environmental science degrees.

Tomorrow we will be taking the students to sea with Raggy Charters, the boat based whale watching company in Port Elizabeth.

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