STOP! : Survey Techniques for Observing Plastics

The year has started off with a big bang, as PhD Steve Allen of the Blue Charter Fellowship, Dr Deonie Allen and Kerry Moss shed light on the plastic crisis in Africa. Right now only four percent of the published plastic research in the world is on Africa. So, off they went to take a look at … Continue reading STOP! : Survey Techniques for Observing Plastics

Intern Diary by MHC student – Spencer

I always feel just a little guilty when I introduce myself to the people that I have worked with here in South Africa.  The conversation is nearly always the same: “Hi, I’m Spencer.” “Nice to meet you Spencer, and where are you from?” “Oh, I’m from the United States, a place called Utah.  Its in … Continue reading Intern Diary by MHC student – Spencer

Common Dolphin stranding in Algoa Bay

Last week another 14 Common Dolphins stranded themselves along the woody cape region in Algoa Bay. This location shares topographical features in common with other places in the world that mass strandings like this occur on. The woody cape has a slight headland, and gently sloping sand at the bottom. Common Dolphins stranded on this … Continue reading Common Dolphin stranding in Algoa Bay

African Penguin Rescue

Our research vessel went out to sea this morning and shortly returned when the skipper, Jamie, found a very weak juvenile African Penguin floating outside of the harbor.   African Penguins leave the nest at around 6 months, this is a challenging time for these juveniles. They need to figure out what their parents have been … Continue reading African Penguin Rescue

Rethink The Bag

Yesterday we met with Hayley Mclellan, Founder of Rethink The Bag. Hayley’s talk was inspiring, she descried her 11 year-long journey as an environmental campaigner against plastic pollution and her mission to ban single use plastic in South Africa. Rethink The Bag call’s people to make a pledge that says, “For the good of the environment, … Continue reading Rethink The Bag

Our latest school presentation

A very important part of Baywatch Projects is community outreach, on a weekly basis we are either giving presentations at schools, raising funds and awareness for rehabilitation centers, participating in marine week, or organizing pollution workshops for local businesses. Although many of these children live near the ocean, many of them do not understand the … Continue reading Our latest school presentation

Intern Diary

When we arrived on a windy and rainy week in early November to volunteer with Raggy Charters at Port Elizabeth, we didn´t know what to expect. Our reasons to come herewere mainly because of Raggy Charters´s reputation in the conservationist field, his partnership with World Cetacean Alliance and its connection with local community. We stayed … Continue reading Intern Diary